Lulù Nuti

Lulù Nuti (b.1988) is a French-Italian artist that is based between Rome and Paris. She attended Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, Atelier Elsa Cayo.  Nuti has been included in a number of exhibitions recently including Systems, Roman Houses of Celio, Rome (2015-2016), Fail Better, Revue Composition, Galerie OFR, Paris (2016), A LINEA, Site-specific project at Courbevoie, France (2016), Rob à Robe, Nouvelle Collection Paris, DOC, Paris, France (2016), FRAGILE, Galerie Mansart, Paris, France (2016) as well as Metamorphosis Garden, Biwako Biennale, Japan (2012). She was a finalist in the Prix Dauphine pour l'Art Contemporain, Université Paris-Dauphine, Paris, France (2015), and received the special jury prize at the Prix de la june creation, Saint Remy (2013). - April, 2017

Lulù Nuti works across a number of different mediums from paper, charcoal, wood, metal, plaster and concrete, playing with notions such as time and space through the carefully orchestrated placement of natural and industrial materials.

While Nuti continues to work both in two and three dimensions, in recent years it has been her site-specific installations that have been the driving force of the artist's practice and has resulted in Nuti living an increasingly nomadic lifestyle dictated by the location of her work.

A constant for the artist, whether creating delicate works on paper or multi sculptural installations, is her strong belief that all materials embody inherent energies that serve as vehicles through which we are able to access a more infinite understanding of the universe, not only in the present but also in the past and the future. It is with this in mind that she creates work that explores and plays with balance and heightened tension between various objects and forms, tapping into the latent energy she sees imbued in all things and placing them in conversation with once another as well as their setting. 

Over and over again Nuti’s work appears to stretch the limitations and expectations the viewer has towards the various materials and artistic forms that she employs. In this way, she blurs the line between usually defined categories such as drawing and sculpture, and instead presenting the viewer with something that sits between.

The result is work that constantly surprises and with a unique poetic dynamism she encourages in the viewer to look, think and feel again.  In many ways, one could think of her work in terms of performance, not of the work itself, but when activated through viewing, as it is only at this point within a in space that the work is triggered and the energy of the materials harnessed by the artist is relayed, experienced and internalized by the viewer.


Vessel: Cielo d' Italia
Dry cargo Vessel - 117,000 tons DWT- 245 metres Length Overall

Load Port: Tubarão, Brazil - April 23rd, 2017

Bunkering Port: Salvador - April 26th, 2017

Discharge Port: Rotterdam - May 22nd, 2017

Cargo: Iron Ore

Total time at sea: 29 days