The Owner’s Cabin is a unique artist residency program that places artists on board a merchant ship traveling around the world.

Reflecting the mercurial realities of the trade markets in which they operate, there will be no one fixed route that the invited artists travel, but rather each residency will be a unique voyage. Sailing the unpredictable trading routes of the world, each artist will be asked to remain on board, in residence, for three weeks or up to two months. 

The objective of The Owner’s Cabin is to provide artists with access to an extraordinary and rarely seen environment, allowing them the opportunity to engage, and actively participate, with an inimitable and hopefully inspirational experience. By placing artists at the intersection of industry and art, commerce and creativity, isolation and global interaction the hope is that they will be able to access a place of expanded thought and artistic possibilities.

Throughout their time at sea, the artist will be encouraged to consider and reflect on themes and ideas surrounding  (but not limited to) international trade, local/global interaction, travel, culture, time and space, so that once they disembark their work can bring consideration and continued discussion of these notions to a broader public.

The residency will cover the costs of food and board throughout the residency, costs related to the transportation of the artist to and from the ports, any hotel costs the nights prior to getting on the ship/after getting off of the ship and insurance to cover the artist while on board. The residency will also provide each artist with a stipend to cover the costs of the materials that they will bring on board and, in some cases, the costs related to the transportation of necessary materials for production as well as the resulting work from the ship (both within reason).  The artists are asked to organize all necessary travel documents and visas that might be necessary dependent on when they are boarding and disembarking. They will also be required to provide an official doctor's note stating that the artist is fit to travel. 

Following the successful completion of the first few voyages, d’Amico aims to exhibit the works made for the residency by the participating artists. The exhibition will be an artist group show presenting to the viewer the varied aesthetic and conceptual response of each artist to their time on board, revealing the rich, multi-faceted and dynamic realities that the industry encompasses, from the literal to the fantastical. In addition to the exhibitions, once a critical mass of work and thought has been achieved as a result of the residency program, a catalog of works will be published. This documentation is planned to continue to take place and unfold with the residency over the years.

“We are very proud to have reached the third edition of the The Owner’s Cabin, an artist residency that takes place on board our vessels," comments Paolo d'Amico, Chairman of d’Amico Group. "Thanks to the mutual commitment, the artists who have succeeded over the years have interpreted and conveyed the extraordinary discoveries that lie behind the navigation, the time, the voyage, contributing to spreading art and maritime culture within the worldwide shipping hubs. We especially thank the crews of our ships who, at every edition of the residence, have welcomed the artists with great enthusiasm and curiosity, enabling them to work on board safely. "

For any questions, please contact: info@theownerscabin.


About d'Amico

d’Amico Group is a leading Italian shipping company operating on a global scale.  With its core business focusing on the management and operation of dry cargo vessels and tankers, it also provides international shipping services.

Whilst its entrepreneurial experience contributed towards establishing the business’s firm foundations in Italy, d’Amico also boasts a presence on a global scale. Since it was founded in 1936, d’Amico has sought to balance international development with its tradition as a family-run business, maintaining strong links with the local area, with the history of the business itself and with the various countries in which it operates.

Today the Group has a presence in the leading financial and maritime capitals around the world.  With its headquarters in Italy, d’Amico also has offices in Monaco, the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Morocco, Singapore, the USA, Canada and India.

In terms of the Group’s strategy, the focus is very much on growth and development, with the interests of all of its stakeholders afforded attention in equal measure and with an eye at all times on the protection of the environment, this being one of d’Amico’s ethical principles and business goals.  Experience, competence and corporate social responsibility, together with attention to client needs, operational safety and protection of the environment: these are the d'Amico Group’s core values.

d’Amico Group has always been committed to supporting and sponsoring the world of art and culture in order to introduce social, cultural, economic and environmental topics to an ever wider public audience.