Jason Wee

Jason Wee (b. 1979, Singapore) is an artist, writer and curator working between contemporary art, architecture, poetry and photography. His art practice contends sources of singular authority by exposing alternative readings that favour polyphony and difference. In this way he transforms histories and spaces that have been viewed through a single lens into visual and written materials that expose their secrets and their futures, their idealisms and their conundrums.

Particularly interested in Asia and Southeast Asia, Wee has recently spent time investigating the cycle of redevelopment - demolition, clearance, and destruction triggered by urban renewals and the underlying sets of laws, policies, procedures and technologies that facilitate this - that has become endemic to the life of Asian global cities, and the complex ways in which this affects our understanding of ecology, urban planning, memory, and architecture.

Wee is the founder and director of Grey Projects, a non profit artists’ space in Singapore that serves as an art library and residency space that focuses on curatorship, new writing, design propositions and art. It also produces publications and holds exhibitions, talks, reading groups and workshops.

Wee has exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum (NY, USA), Casino Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Institute für Auslandsbeziehungen (Germany), Singapore Art Museum, and ArtScience Museum amongst others. Artist-in-residencies include Artspace Sydney, ISEA 2008, Tokyo Wonder Site, Contemporary Art Japan, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore and Gyeonggi Creation Center, Korea. He was a 2005-2006 Studio Fellow at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, and was awarded the Young Artist Award for visual arts in Singapore in 2008 and the Voters’ Prize from the Singapore Art Museum in 2009. Wee was recently a residency fellow at ZK/U Berlin.


Vessel:  High Fidelity - Oil Tanker -  49,990 tons DWT- 183 metres Length Overall

Discharge Port: Zhuhai, China - June 26th, 2018

Load Port: Quanzhou, China - July 1st, 2018

Discharge Port:  Singapore - July 11th, 2018

Cargo: Gasoline

Total time at sea: 16 days