Frank Heath

Frank Heath is an American artist who lives and works in New York. Heath’s works are poetic interventions into systems of communication, information and understanding, which expose moments of disjuncture and ultimately crack open perceived reality to reveal a more compromised construction.  These idiosyncratic, existential riffs, situated in the space between perception and reality in everyday life, are made approachable through his casual style and his frequent use of absurdity. In this way, Heath appeals to the viewer’s sense of humor while simultaneously effecting change to the way they see the world around them, leaving them with a sense of ambiguous tensions to grapple with.

In many of Heath’s works he incorporates the voices of unsuspecting individuals into the work in a compassionate but subversive way. By co-opting mundane social exchanges and infusing them with an unexpected narrative, Heath’s mediation exist simultaneously in both private and public spheres. In more recent work, the artist has held a sustained investigation into questions concerning the end of the world, and in particular the various ways that humans imagine and prepare for it. 


Frank Heath was born in 1982 in St. Joseph, MO. He lives and works in New York. Solo exhibitions, and two-person shows include: Blue Room, Swiss Institute, New York, NY (2017); Red Room, Young World, Detroit, MI (2017); The Hollow Coin, presentation with Simone Subal Gallery at Art Basel Statements, Basel (2016); Backup, (solo), Simone Subal Gallery, NY, NY (2014); Asymptomatic Carrier, (solo) Frieze Frame with Simone Subal Gallery, NY, NY (2013); Post Holes (solo), Simone Subal Gallery, NY, NY (2012); and Econoline 1, (with JJ PEET) Videotage Gallery, Hong Kong, China (2007).


Vessel:  Cielo di Guangzhou - Oil/Chemical Tanker -  38,877 tons DWT- 173 metres Length Overall

 Load Port: Chornomorsk, Ukraine - November 26th, 2019

Discharge Port: Chennai, India - December 22nd, 2019

Cargo: Sunflowers Seed Oil

Total time at sea: 25 days